My solves

I have been interested in twisty combination puzzles for several years. I used to focus on speedsolving, but nowadays I am much more into studying patters and mathematical properties, especially on inconventional puzzles.

On the standard 3x3x3 I am currently sub-25. My current main is a stickerless MoYu GuoGuan YueXiao. I solve using CFOP/Fridrich method, using a collection of optimized algorithms, as collected here:

3x3x3 Tutorial

Some time ago I have compiled a printable beginner's guide for a short speedcubing course I've led. You can find it here (only polish language version available). This tutorial has been successfully tested on ~80 high school students.

My cubes

Recently I have started colecting most interesting twisty puzzles. I mostly study various elegant patterns on these cubes, I am compiling a list of the fanciest ones, and will probably publish a list of pretty algorithms for some weird mods.