This is a list of services publicly available on this server.

AlgAudio public API documentation

Doxygen docs generated for the latest release. Online HTML version.

Online cross-reference browser for mimiker

Avaliable at Synced with master branch every hour.

Dynamic IP tracker at

The tracked host has to periodically send a GET request providing key A (example). To query recent IP of the tracked host, send a GET request providing key B (example).

Key pairs and detailed usage instructions are provided on request.


A public termspace instance is available at port 1111.

telnet 1111

This service may be periodically down, as it's prone to abuses.


A private OpenTTD 1.5 server is running at port 3979. The server is password-protected, but I generally don't mind letting new players in; drop me an e-mail if you are interested. We are not playing very frequently, so the server is paused when no players are connected.

Update: We are currently starting a Japanese Set / Shinkansen run, let me know if you are interested!