Main areas of interest

  • Cloud computing and site reliability engineering
  • Practical computational appliances of higly efficient algorithms
  • Digital sound synthesis and production
  • Physically-based computer graphics rendering and related hardware
  • Operating system design
  • Optimizing developer workflows and teaching best practices

Work experience

  • May 2017 - present - Cloud Architect and Site Reliability Engineer at Fibertide.

    • Assisting multiple international developer teams in leveraging the potential of cloud computing
    • Implementing and maintaining high-scalability and reliability for all kinds of web services
    • Organizing and configuring complex AWS and GCP setups
    • Adapting applications to cloud-based environments
    • Designing deployment strategies, optimizing CI/CD processes
    • Maintaining Kubernetes clusters
    • Designing and implementing highly efficient data processing pipelines
    • Educating developers on designing cloud-native applications and best practices in the cloud
    • Reacting to incidents, troubleshooting and fixing the most complex problems
    • Promoting cloud solutions to the business
  • October 2017 - present - Course Instructor at the Institute of Computer Science - University of Wrocław.

    • Lecture and workshop on Designing and Implementing Cloud-based Systems
  • July-September 2015 - Internship at Audiovisual Technology Center.

  • March-July 2014 - Student internship at Becker Avionics Polska.

    • Deployed a customized Linux on an embedded platform, designed and implemented a collection of utilities for managing and supervising an ADS-B ground station receiver.


  • 2016 - Engineer's degree in Computer Science
  • 2015 - Bachelor's degree in Mathematics

All degrees from University of Wrocław.

Last updated: April 17th, 2023.