My projects

Knob-per-function controller for Blofeld

The Waldorf Blofeld is a brilliant device with an extremely flexible engine, but navigating it's interface gets tiring. I designed & built a custom controller which turned it into a proper knob-per-function synthesizer with up to ~16 voice polyphony - an extreme rarity, and a pleaure to play with. Details and more photos
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RGK renderer

A physically based CPU renderer supporting various rendering techniques. It started as a ray tracing tool for a graphics course, but was subsequently improved to a pretty solid piece of software. It is highly configurable and relatively efficient. Details and example renders
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An advanced real-time audio processing and synthesis framework - similar to MAX/MSP or Puredata, but designed to be used by musicians with no mathematical background. The user creates a network of audio operations and defines how to control operator’s parameters. Runs on Windows and Linux. It’s easy to use, but very flexible. Details
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Extended Squitter messages analysis and conversion utility as a server embedded within a ADS-B ground station receiver (developed for Becker Avionics Polska). In brief, it is a set of tools running on an embedded platform that monitors airplanes in real-time and exposes resulting data outside the receiver.
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Modular software synthesizer designed to resemble the look&feel of analog modular synthesizers. This is not a tool for professional musicians, but merely a toy for people who cannot afford an analog modular synthesizer but wish to play around with one. Details
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Pattern-based software sequencer for Linux. Designed for efficient use at live performances, it features several unique features, including convenient chord substitution, highly customizable trigers, and support for complex polyrythms. Can output MIDI notes and controle messages via ALSA. Details
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Ubuntu Accomplishments

I have co-developed to the Ubuntu Accomplishments System – an extensive platform designed to award users for being active in community (or just for casual achievements) and to guide them through related milestones. I have contributed a significant amount of code and helped designing platform specs. This project is now dead due to underlying technology no longer being supported and changes to Ubuntu community engagement strategy. Details on Ubuntu Wiki
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Other less interesting bits include:

  • bluetoothcube - GiiKER-compatible bluetooth cube timer for Android
  • wpcraft - CLI for browsing and automating downloads from WallpapersCraft
  • splendidmines - a port of mines-perfect to GTK3
  • libsga - proof-of-concept C++/Python simplified graphics API designed for quick experiments and education
  • mimiker - a MIPS mikrokernel OS; I participated in its early development back at university